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Urgent Funding Needs - Give the Gift of Matching

Between now and GC in January 2024, Bro. Adam Daland has given a challenge to us all. Bro Daland will match any financial gift made to the Hall, up to $50,000. We need your help to make full use of this gift. Can you support the Hall and the necessary renovations 207 Pittsboro desperately needs?

Our national organization, 1847, has provided a line of credit to support our renovation. To reduce the burden of interest accrual, we need your help to repay this loan as quickly as possible.

Our current project includes:

  • Transforming the downstairs bathroom to meet ADA compliant guidelines
  • Inspecting and replacing aging and failing plumbing throughout the house
  • Replacing most bathroom fixtures
  • Tile work

Anticipated in the near future:

  • Storm drain excavation
  • New catch basin
  • Asphalt patch

Read committee updates here.

Given increasing interest in the progress and purpose of renovations to the 207 Pittsboro St property, the following FAQ has been developed and will be periodically updated. Current version December 2023.


  • SAANC - St Anthony Association of North Carolina

  • BOD - Board of Directors of the St Anthony Association of North Carolina

  • The Hall - SAANC-owned property at 207 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Active Chapter/actives - the Xi Chapter of Delta Psi and its undergraduate members

1) Why is it taking so long to do the renovations? What has SAANC done so far? What is the current status?

SAANC BOD representatives have interviewed nearly a dozen general contractors in 2019. Full walkthroughs of the property have been done with 4 of these. Full walkthroughs can take hours and sometimes have to be done multiple times with the same subcontractor (they may wish to come back with their subcontractors, with additional equipment ie ladders, after researching certain building codes, etc). .
Some of the contractors declined the work outright either before or after a walkthrough. Some have said they have insufficient expertise to handle renovations on an older property of a "boardinghouse" or "dormitory" type. Several have said that in the current hot Triangle real estate market, doing new construction is FAR more desirable (higher profit, lower probability of finding surprise problems) than any renovation.

SAANC has established a committee, to oversee the details of renovation.

As of February 2020, SAANC is working with a local Chapel Hill architect to ensure that all procedures will be up to codes and will be approved by the Historic Commission.The Renovations Committee is working to make sure everything is in place financially to begin renovations ASAP once the board votes to approve a quote and contract with a General Contractor. The last walkthrough with a general contractor was January 4.
As part of this process the original blueprints of the hall were found and digitized.

Phase I of the renovation project is complete. Renovations have been made to common spaces and bedrooms including painting, repairing, replacing, and refinishing walls, floors, and doors. The roof of the house has been replaced as well.

Phase II has been financed by a line of credit from our national organization, 1847. We are currently inspecting the plumbing at the house to make a final determination if any of the aging system can be salvaged with repairs, or if a complete replumb is needed.

2) How will the renovation be financed?

SAANC is planning to finance using the bank that currently holds our mortgage, as well as using previously generated capital campaign funds in combination with a new capital campaign. The former Chair of SAANC consolidated over 5 years of member and donor data as a basis for fundraising efforts. Fundraising during a pandemic will be particularly sensitive, but we hope that our efforts will create a solid path forward.

Some alums have asked how they can ensure their donation will only be used for renovations and not some other purpose. The mechanism, regulations and details around “directed donations” and other "capital campaign" type efforts need to be discussed and figured out.

3) Why is the board looking at putting over $100k work into the house? Isn't that money wasted on an older house? Why not instead sell it/build a new house/build a new annex?

There is NO simple or easy solution to the house - every option that has ever been presented comes with its own set of challenges, actions and risks. Every possible option will be a large project that will have to be managed by our all-volunteer organization.

Example: Just sell the property and bank the money.
In some ways this would be the simplest of all solutions. However:

  • We would need a real estate agent with experience in properties of this type
  • We would need legal advice
  • Funds or a revenue stream to pay property taxes and insurance would have to be in place until the house was sold.
  • Would the house be open for use while on the market? Any use? Some use? What use? How would restrictions on the use of the house be enforced? Who would keep it clean and staged for potential buyers? If closed, how would the risks of vandalism/squatting be addressed? Are there town regulations on vacant properties to be considered? All of these questions would have to be researched and decided.
  • What price would we sell it for? (The land and property was most recently assessed at about $750k)
  • What would SAANC do with the resulting funds?

The planned renovations are in large part intended to make the Hall a more desirable place to live and visit; but they are also intended to give "breathing space" for long-term decisions about the property. These decisions can no longer be postponed indefinitely. They need to be addressed and acted upon within the next 2-3 years.

The impact of any long-term decision on the property is enormous and not to be taken lightly or in a vacuum. The renovations will allow time for considered input from alumni, actives, the Board of Directors and the national; for a firm and binding decision to be taken; for a project plan to be developed to execute that decision; and for efforts to start on that decision.

4) I have opinions/ideas/problems with this - how can I be heard?

SAANC BOD call time and conference line numbers will be posted in the St Anthony Hall Facebook group; additionally, you can contact the SAANC secretary to be added to a list of interested non-BOD members who will get meeting information. These meetings are open to all SAANC members and interested parties until such time the meeting moves to closed session.

Contact the renovations committee or the chair of SAANC, Bill Waring.

5) How can I stay informed?

As well as the two meetings above, status will be periodically posted in this facebook group. SAANC will be working with the VP of Communications, Bro. Matthew Wood, to work out other communications strategies.

6) How can I help?

  • Donations always help and are always gratefully received!
  • Share your expertise, or contacts, or time. Do you know a reputable architect? A real estate or contracts attorney? Are you one yourself? Do you not have specialized expertise - but have time to help with fundraising efforts, general errand-running, etc? or contact Bill or Joy.
  • Stay informed - Attend BOD calls and the annual member meeting, watch this space, read newsletters etc
  • Please remember that the BOD is an all-volunteer organization. No BOD member draws salary, and unlike other volunteer organizations, SAANC does not have paid administrative staff to handle details and logistics; nor paid house management staff. All BOD members have career, family, artistic, military, and/or other life obligations in addition to their board service. Your support and help is and will be appreciated!

St Anthony Association of North Carolina - 4711 Hope Valley Road - Suite 4F-714 Durham, NC 27707