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1964 Scrapbook Entry Charlie Covell Swingout 2004 1930s Composite S. Antonius Erem Xi Sketch from the late 1960s

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SAANC Officer & Director Elections for 2023-2024
Our leadership roster for 2023-2024 is as follows:

Board of Directors
Chair - Elizabeth Peacock
Joy Jennings - Ex Officio Director
Paul Alexander
Owen Fitzgerald
Alice Rha
Bill Waring
Matt Wood
Cynthia Rehm
Doug Baldwin
Peter Pendergrass
Corporate Officers
President - Joy Jennings
Treasurer - Josh Rogers
Secretary - Ace Lane
Assistant Treasurer - Laura Melosh
Communications - Holland Gormley
Support - Jennifer Powell
Member Activities - open office
Facilities - David Pierpont
Legacy - Annie Simpson

GC 2024
The next national gathering will be hosted by the Kappa Chapter in Providence, RI. Information will be available on the National website closer to the event date.

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Annex Demolition
After more than 40 years of service, the Annex has been taken down. Learn more about the process, as well as what you can do to help, and give us your input on what you'd like to see happen in the backyard.

Support your chapter with a financial gift or in-kind expertise that enables St. Anthony Association of North Carolina operations. See where your money goes, what projects are upcoming, and get updates on capital improvements.

Photographs of events and people of the Xi chapter going back to the 1920s. We'd love to have your contributions. Have something to submit? Contact us!

The second-oldest fraternity on UNC's campus, the Xi Chapter was founded in 1854, became extinct after the Civil War, and returned in full strength to Carolina in 1927.

Send a message to the St Anthony Association of North Carolina officers and committee heads.

Redoing the deck, early 1960s GC in Philadelphia 2008 The Hall in its location in the 1920s Fiona Matthews and Jewel Ward, Summer 2009 Adaam Hukins and Robin Dial Scrapbook, 1983 In a dorm room in the 80s

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