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The Annex est morte.
Photo by Fiona Matthews, Sept 2, 2008.

The Annex has successfully been demolished. The St. Anthony Association of North Carolina is now moving forward with discussions on rebuilding and the future of the residential side of the property.

In Spring, 2008, the alumni association hired a project manager to handle asbestos assessment and abatement (necessary prior to demolition of the structure) and met with the Chapel Hill Historic District Committee to ask for permit approval for demolition of the structure, which was granted at the April 11th meeting.

Our plan is to build new construction to ensure current code compliance, a more workable floor plan and a longer life, including the reconfiguration of the entire roof structure.

Building entries and floor plans are being reconsidered, especially bathroom facilities, with a goal to maximize rentable space while affording storage and more privacy. We are planning to demolish and, in all likelihood, maintain its footprint while building to current building and fire codes required by both the town of Chapel Hill and the University.


This is a rough roadmap for getting the Annex demolished.

  1. Hire a project manager to sherpa the project along (spring 2008)
  2. Empty the Annex of any chairs, furniture, equipment etc etc that are still extant in there (hire a dumpster to get rid of other Hall related mess as well) (spring 2008)
  3. Cap utility lines running to the Annex: water, sewer, electricity (spring 2008)
  4. In order to do the demo, we need a plan for rebuilding to present to the Town of CH Planning and Historic commissions. Presentation to be made '''March 13th, 2008 at 7:30PM''' (Historic District Committee regular meeting time, at the Town Council chambers)
  5. In order to do the demo, we need to compile a formal presentation for the Historic Commission including photos of the building from the street (Cameron, Pittsboro) as well as a property map displaying the location of the main house. Inclusion of the condemnation notice of the building would also be good. Currently, Adam Daland is slated to fill out the application for the Certificate of Appropriateness and send it to the Town prior to March 20th so that we will be on the agenda for '''April 10th, 2008, at 7:30PM''' for a formal review.
    • Present information to the Board of Directors for formal approval of the demolition (spring 2008 BOD meeting)
    • Rebuilding does not have to be done within a set timeframe, but the timeframe we present should be reasonable (w/in 3-4 years) (exec. cmte of the BOD or its appointees to work on to present to full body BOD by Swingout)
    • Get undergraduates prepared to be involved with the capital portion of the rebuilding by encouraging the treasurer to set aside a portion of dues to be donated to the rebuilding (fall 2008)
  6. Keep track of necessary permits to demolish (ongoing)
  7. Clean out the back back yard (summer 2008)
  8. Abatement of asbestos (summer 2008)
  9. Demolition of the structure (summer 2008)

Fundraising Efforts

Sister Kelly Jo Garner X'95 has been selling CDs of the Songs of St Anthony as well as photographs taken at the 2008 GC in Philadelphia and donating the proceeds to the Annex Demolition Fund. Song CDs can be purchased through the National website at $15/each.

To order the CD, go to the National website and login in - click on "Merchandise" and select the CD for sale.

To view the images for sale, please see

If you wish to contribute directly to the Annex Demolition and Rebuilding fund, you may do so either financially or via other means - we're looking for architectural ideas, construction services, landscaping, fundraising event hosting, and a myriad of other things. Please contact us with your suggestions or questions. Thanks!

St Anthony Association of North Carolina - 4711 Hope Valley Road - Suite 4F-714 Durham, NC 27707