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Annex at Swingout 2008"Uncle Tony,
tear down this wall."

Some things never change at The Hall, though one thing definitely should: The Annex. You may have fond memories of insanely good times there, but probably not of the structure itself. The ol' Annex has been sitting vacant, untenable even by the most stalwart of Xis, condemned to be a junk collection that no one (well almost no one) could call art.

The faithful on the board of St. Anthony Association, Inc. (NC) have done the homework. They've gone through the ropes, done the due diligence, even hired professionals to ascertain any remnants of the dreaded "A" word. (Good news: very little asbestos, mostly of the pipe wrap variety. Water pipes, as in conduits.) Done the dog and pony show before the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Bottom line:  It'll take about $15,000 to tear down the Annex so we can move forward, including the cost of the assessment just completed, the Certificate of Appropriateness (we all need one now and then), the demolition and appropriate abatement and removal, plus handling whatever surprise we might find. Like the boa constrictor that got lost there back in the '70s. And that's just the beginning of the end - the next step is to rebuild the Annex into a building that will once again provide safe lodging for future members of the Xi Chapter.

If just 41 Xis contribute a dollar a day for a year, we could cover this cost. Think of what you spend on Red Bull and Starbucks!  But you know how some of us are. We get distracted. Lose count of how many days there are in the month, let alone how many days in the year. So let's not rely on just 41 siblings.  Let's all chip in to chop up that backyard behemoth. 

Let's be Annex free. But it ain't free to be free. Send in your back rent. Cough up the dues you forgot to pay. Extinguish guilt over that raid on GAF.

There's a sister from '75 who says she'll match three years worth of dollars if ya'll come up with the other 38.25 siblings' dollar a day. 

-- Sister Jamie Jacobson, Xi 1975

St Anthony Association of North Carolina - 4711 Hope Valley Road - Suite 4F-714 Durham, NC 27707