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Given increasing interest in the progress and purpose of renovations to the 207 Pittsboro St property, updates will be posted here on the website, in the St. Anthony Hall group on Facebook, and via the monks' listserv.

Renovation update - posting here per motion passed at SAANC BOD conference call in January. I'm posting on behalf of Matt Wood who would normally be posting this update to the communication channels. :) Many thanks to Ace Lane who worked diligently to compile this update. This edited version hits the highlights for public consumption here.

About the Renovations Committee
The full description of the Renovations Committee is here. This document includes our mission statement, our goals, full descriptions of the roles of each committee member, and info on taking on new committee members.

We will alert the chapter and SAANC if we majorly change how duties are delegated.

All members of the renovations committee can be contacted at renovations [at] stanthonync [dot] org.

The Renovations committee:

David Joyner (Chair)
Ace Lane (“Number 1”, WWPP)
Joy Jennings (Treasurer of SAANC)
Alex Manwill (Alumni Correspondent for the Active Chapter)
Kait Goodnight

Update on Recent Committee Actions

May 13, 2020

On Wednesday, May 6th, Bro. David Joyner (chair of renovations committee) and Bro. Bill Waring (SAANC BOD Chair) met virtually with our architect. The following points reflect what was discussed in this meeting.

Preparation for Permits

Our architect estimates that, once we get our proposal into the Historic Commission, the process will take about two months. She and one of her associates visited the hall last week to verify details required in the permit application. Approval from the Historic Commission is only necessary for exterior modifications, though we must acquire other Chapel Hill permits for both our interior and exterior projects.

The Roof

Bro. Joyner is waiting for referrals for new roofing contractors. The roofing company we were talking with has stopped responding to our communications, which we suspect is connected to their issues with their materials supplier. Once our roofing plans are approved by the Chapel Hill Historic Commission and we secure a contractor, replacing our roof should take no more than one week. We are still planning to replace our current shingle roof with a metal roof.

Interior Repairs

Because a permit is not required for our interior repairs, we can get started on these earlier and work on them simultaneously with the roof. If all goes accordingly to plan, and you all know how often that happens, the repairs should be completed by August 15th.

Renting Rooms in the Fall

We advise siblings not to depend on rooms to be available for rent in the fall.

General Contractor Our architect says that our renovations (primarily repairs) do not require a general contractor. Due to decades of experience as both a general contractor and an architect in Chapel Hill, she is capable in her capacity as an architect to coordinate subcontractors, draft plans, and work with permits.

Have questions or comments? Feel free to send us a message.

Thank you. We appreciate your support and patience.

Renovations Committee

April 5, 2020

Bro. Joyner and our architect have been hard at work preparing for the next steps in the renovation, though we can only take those next steps once all government and business parties are up and running again.

In the interest of safety, 207 Pittsboro St. was closed on March 20th when UNC's campus closed. The door code has been changed and only four people have key access to the building. Bro. David Joyner went through the hall that day and turned off supply lines for all toilets, cut off the lights, and set the thermostat to only turn on in extreme temperatures.

Access to the Hall is limited to those who have been given permission to be there by SAANC chair Bill Waring, SAANC president Joy Jennings, or VP Physical Plant David Joyner. If you are given permission to be inside the Hall, DON'T USE THE TOILETS. The water to the toilets is cut off, which mean the toilet will not be able to flush.

Because our original roofing company has been unable to secure supplies for metal roofing, Bro. Joyner has reached out to another roofer in Denver, NC, from whom he has not yet received a response.

Our architect also learned from Chapel Hill City Planning Staff that our whole project will need two permits: one for the roof, and one for indoor repairs. The roof will need to be presented to the Historic District Commission for approval. We are working on our applications right now, though we do not know when the City of Chapel Hill will be able to next meet about these matters let alone review our applications. We will report when we have more dates on this.

We also learned from the Chapel Hill Planning Staff that the ADA requirements for renovations are much less involved that we were expecting: simple changes such as changing door handles and adding grab bars.

Fire safety has also been an important component of our renovations planning. Our architect asked the City of Chapel Hill for sprinkler and reports. Bro. Joyner called United Fire and Safety to ask for a copy of our last fire safety report, and to plan our next inspection (for which we are due). They are currently on lockdown, so Bro. Joyner will reach back out in a couple of weeks.

Sis. Kait Goodnight has continued her communications with construction attorneys and is currently scouting out more options that could best suit our budget. For more on this, please see the most recent SAANC BOD meeting minutes from April 5th, 2020.

Thank you, and please feel free to email us at renovations [at] stanthonync [dot] org with any questions.

Thank you,
Renovations Committee

March 20, 2020

After SAANC approved funding for the replacement of the roof, our roofer hasnít been able to get a hold of his supplier. He is looking for another one right now. Current plans are still to move forward with the roof replacement as soon as our roofer is able to get all of his ducks in a row. Secondly, David Joyner met with the architect's rep to photograph the Hall and they are working on things. While there hasn't been a lot of movement recently, we are awaiting the next steps from our vendors.

February 25, 2020

Note from the SAANC board of directors conference call on Wednesday, February 25th:

MOTION​ to accept the $18,200 quote from GA Exteriors, pending confirmation from the architect according to Town of Chapel Hill regulations and historic district requirements, to replace the Hall’s current shingle roof with a metal roof before proceeding with further repairs in the current renovation project.​ PASSED

February 24, 2020


Over the last couple of weeks, Bro. David Joyner has been hard at work with our architect prioritizing our repairs. Our architect says that most everything we are planning falls under the umbrella of “repairs” and will therefore not require permitting.

Bro. Joyner met with an exterior/roofing contractor recommended through one of our architect’s references, and they inspected the roof and are preparing an estimate on a new metal roof. This will be our second quote for the roof, because Bro. Joyner got a quote from a different company in 2017 for the same repairs. A metal roof is the clear choice over a shingle roof, and the roofer predicted a much better price on a metal roof than the previous estimate. If the roofers can provide an official estimate in time for the call we hope that we will get the approval to go forward with roof repairs at the BOD meeting on Wednesday.

Bro. Joyner also brought in our long-time plumbing partners from Brown Brothers to do a thorough inspection of our plumbing. We should have a written report from them within the next few days. From then, Bro. Joyner and our architect will make a plumbing plan.

We have also discussed with our architect how to most affordably repair plaster ceilings, prevent future plaster damage in the future, putting in new flooring, and replacing inefficient light fixtures.

For the details on all of this, please see Bro. Joyner’s report for Wednesday’s BOD meeting. Please email the renovations committee for a link to the report.

On the side of the active chapter: Bro. Alex Manwill and the active siblings have been working with SAANC to prepare Terms of Use while rent is waived this semester. The hall now has some furniture which can be easily moved whenever we need to clear a room for construction. Thank you to Sibs John and Deb Matthews and anyone else who has donated furniture so the active members can still have a social connection with the space during the renovations process.

Thank you,

The Renovations Committee

February 7, 2020

We found an architect.
She is a licensed general contractor and an Architect who has run her own design/build firm in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area for 25 years. We did a walk-through with her on January 31st.

We are contacting (sub)contractors.
Our architect advised us to first contact two sub-contractors: One exterior/roofing expert, and a plumber. The exterior/roofing contractor will be able to define any weak points on the outside of our house that may contribute to leaks or energy inefficiencies. The plumber will do a thorough inspection of the whole house, but will pay special attention to the bathrooms/shower rooms that are the central points of this entire renovation.

We are finding a construction attorney.
Kait Goodnight has done an incredible amount of research on construction attorneys in the area. She has spoken with no fewer than 5 and we are currently deciding which attorney based on who is most qualified for our project and who fits our budget.

We are learning about the town and state regulations.
John Matthews has done great research for the committee about what sorts of projects need permits from the city.

Our architect also confirmed that we, by law, need to commit 20% of our official renovation budget to ADA compliance updates.

How You Can Help

The most important thing
The entire chapter can hugely help the renovation effort by practicing good communication hygiene. This means:

If you have a question about renovations, ask the committee directly via renovations [at] stanthonync [dot] org.

Do not post general questions to all of SAANC or the active chapter.

Information about renovations is reviewed by David Joyner before being disseminated. Updates will come from Dave or Ace as Renovations Committee, or Matt Wood as SAANC VP of Communications.

If you have a question about how we are dividing up duties, please see the document about the renovations committee also linked earlier in this update. The people listed in this document are the main siblings authorized to participate in renovation coordination.


In these updates, we will periodically ask for volunteers.


The more money we have, the more flexibility we will have in our renovations.

These public updates are condensed highlights for quick dissemination. To receive lengthier and more detailed updates, contact renovations [at] stanthonync [dot] org for communications channels you can join.

If you have any questions, please email us directly at renovations [at] stanthonync [dot] org.


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